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CVA, committed to our collaborators, consultants and candidates

Employee health and safety
We introduce information, training and risk-prevention actions to make sure we are protecting our teams’ safety and health at work:

● Regular information and awareness-raising about HSE subjects (road safety, psycho-social risks, correct postures, etc.).

● Monitoring on site (HSE audits and safety talks).

Well-being in the workplace
We offer a flexible working structure to all employees who would like it, for example by setting up home working.
The work environments are adapted, so that employees are able to work under optimal conditions: high-quality office furniture and equipment, enhancement of the workspace, etc.

Supporting careers and encouraging self-development
Competency-building and developing the careers of our employees, whether permanent personnel or not, are key features in our vision of the company and of service.

● Targeted training, and a positive trend towards developing knowledge by pooling in-house experience and know-how.

● Career support: training and contract advice depending on the profiles and the desired development direction.

A non-discriminatory recruitment policy
At CVA, we’re always seeking the best profiles for our clients. Our practices are free of discrimination, whether positive or negative; competencies, experience and know-how take precedence above all. When seeking candidates, we systematically turn to specialist bodies that help workers with disabilities find employment.


🥈 For its first CSR evaluation, CVA was awarded a silver medal by ECOVADIS, a platform for Corporate Social Responsibility rating.



Index of professional equality between women and men


Pay gap between women and men indicator


Difference in the number of pay rises between women and men


Percentage of employees who had a pay rise following their maternity leave return


Parity among the 10 highest salaries

CVA, committed to the environment

Improved waste management and energy consumption
At CVA we have introduced a waste strategy geared towards optimal management (reduction at source, selective sorting in place, encouraging all employees to recycle, reuse and take action), and work is under way to improve the energy performance of our buildings.

Making in-house personnel and the wider public more aware of environmental issues
At CVA we promote, to our collaborators and likewise to external audiences, good everyday practices to respect and protect the planet (eco-actions, environmentally responsible behaviours, waste reduction, etc.); we also increase awareness of the environmental challenges such as climate change, key resources, etc.

Environment strategy and consulting
By creating an offer exclusively focused on environmental strategy and advice, we are giving our clients support to increase and improve their consideration of environmental stakes in their activities (environmental assessments, CSR processes, strategic thinking for sustainability, etc.).

Projects with high positive environmental impact
We are developing projects and offers that have a positive impact on the environment.

● P&A: supporting our clients with final well abandonment through to ecological restoration, preserving the vital characteristics of the natural environments.

● Natural hydrogen: striving to promote and explore for a resource that has essential value in the energy transition (earth2 initiative).