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Guided by our sense of service and our quest for excellence, at CVA we do our utmost to support the success of your projects.


Because the key element in providing a personalised, pertinent response is close, expert listening to your requirements, objectives, contexts and challenges, at CVA we are fully attentive and available at this crucial stage of a project.

At CVA, we firmly believe that the human factor is the key to projects’ success. We concentrate our efforts on building multi-directional relationships of trust and satisfaction founded on respect, listening, discussion and goodwill.

Innovation is an integral part of CVA, and can be seen in our constant search for improvements and new ideas, as we work to meet project requirements and propose top-of-the-range services and up-to-date expertise.

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Technical and scientific excellence are at the core of CVA’s approach.
We guarantee specialist expertise, and projects that are run according to industry standards. We keep a constant watch on activity in our key disciplines, to help our clients benefit from the latest developments.

The CVA organisational structure enables us to respond quickly to all technical or project management queries, by making the expected skills and services available as quickly as possible. This intelligent responsiveness goes hand in hand with high-quality service.

Our approach at CVA has always been one of openness to others, and of pooling and sharing resources in order to achieve more and go further together. This collaborative vision enables us to offer our clients the best of services.


At CVA we are known for the sense of service and the professionalism we bring to our clients’ projects. We find satisfaction in performing high-quality work that meets, and often exceeds, expectations, and in proposing increasingly qualitative services as part of ongoing efforts to improve.

As a competitive company, CVA pledges to run every project at optimal scale, and to seek out economical solutions in order to provide the best response with a “smart cost” mindset.

We offer the assurance of utmost discretion for your projects, by putting in place procedures and binding confidentiality commitments that are essential for protecting your data and projects.