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Applying for a job with CVA,

For us, it’s really important to create a dynamic, trusting and long-lasting bond with our candidates.

A personalised recruitment process

Technical interviews
Interviews focus on your professional experience and your technical competencies. Given our recruiters’ experience in the industry disciplines, we guarantee that they will fully and precisely understand your knowledge, know-how and career path.

Respecting your wishes
Your personal and professional preferences are taken into account.

References are checked, with your consent.

Personalised responses
We respond to each application individually.

Qualified referencing in our internal database
We run a personalised qualification of profiles, based on multiple criteria, in our database to suggest roles that fit with your expectations and skills.

“The Chemical Processes manager regularly comes to visit us, for HSE talks or just to share moments of discussion.”

External Operator

“Thanks to its technical expertise, CVA offers the best support for identifying human resources and putting people in touch, and provides opportunities to work on large-scale projects.”


Senior Geologist

“When working with CVA’s team of geoscientists, communication is easy and the proposed projects are always a good match with my abilities.”

Senior Reservoir Geophysicist

“CVA keeps track of every contract I take on, and suggests training courses that will help me adapt to project requirements or develop professionally.”


External operator

“Contacted by CVA because my CV matched a client need, the recruitment officer was attentive to my expectations. She presented my application to the client and supported me throughout the recruitment process. Today, I’m enjoying a highly rewarding experience working for a large company. Thank you!”

Training coordinator

“Recruitment with CVA flowed very smoothly; they did a great job of pinpointing my professional profile. I immediately sensed a lot of goodwill and genuine attentiveness coming from them, which made me feel very at ease about starting a dialogue.”

Environment technician


Career supervision and professional support

Attentive and ready to assist
After the initial interview, we keep track of candidates’ careers and remain available to discuss or advise as needed.

Expert advice
With our knowledge of the industry and companies, we can advise you on the career and training opportunities that align with your competencies and with the professional growth you’re looking for.

Technical and specialised teams

Our teams have technical and/or sector-specific skills in the domains they recruit for, i.e.:

● Geosciences
● Drilling and Well services
● Environment, Health, Safety
● Chemical processes
● Biosciences
● Data and IT.

“CVA is a trusted partner I can count on to manage my career. The staff are always attentive to the things I’m seeking and hoping for, both personally and professionally.”

Senior Petrel Geomodeller

“When I went for my interview, they immediately made me feel at ease. The whole time we were talking, I could sense their professionalism and that they wanted to understand me as a person. It’s the best support I have ever received during a recruitment process.”

Technical Support Engineer

“At CVA they listen to us, they take our wishes into account, and we have the chance to work on innovative technical projects for prestigious groups.”

IT Architect

“The pre-selection phase is run well, early on. The interview focuses on the essentials, both human and technical, with the intention of developing a long-term collaboration based on values of trust.”

Drilling Superintendent

“Agnès at CVA has been keeping an eye on my professional development for about ten years. When one of her clients was looking for a profile like mine for a long-term contract on rotation in the Algerian desert, she did not hesitate to contact me. Technical expertise aside, I put a great deal of trust in CVA as regards their administrative and legal processes and negotiation of salaries.”

Senior Goophysicist

“CVA’s reputation in the industry opens doors to jobs in the major groups.”

Shift manager