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Giving your activities positive impact, and uniting your teams in a future-facing project

The energy transition, pollution prevention and waste management are sweeping the rule books aside. CVA supports you in your environmental strategies, guiding your projects from A to Z. A 360° approach: from strategic advice to implementing and monitoring actions, for companies and local authorities.


Responding to your needs, and working together to define actions

● Strategic focus and innovative solutions.
● R&D advice: waste reclamation, reducing GHG, water management, etc.
● Supporting you in your environmental transition.
● Anticipating and monitoring changes in the regulations.
● Project engineering.
● Team training and coaching.

Running conclusive studies to secure approval for your projects

● Anthropological and social studies.
● Studies of anthropogenic factors: risks, polluted sites and land.
● Evaluation of the social use of spaces: sociotopes.
● Incidence analyses.
● Regulatory watch.

Running conclusive studies of contaminated soil and land

● Environmental studies and assessment.
● Study of past activity.
● Pollution diagnosis: remote sensing, geophysics, soil/water sampling.
● Modelling of: pollutants transport, physical-chemical interactions, soil and water geochemistry, biology.
● Remediation proposal, recommendation of methods, sizing.
● Site remediation Management or Follow-up and restoration work.
● Support for R&D projects: phytoremediation, bioremediation.


Working with you on your strategy and sustainability considerations

● Advice on environmental strategy: sustainable development, reconversion of industrial or natural sites, etc.
● Supporting you in drafting an environmental or CSR policy.
● Research & Development.
● Supporting local areas on innovative projects.
● Consultancy on strategic innovation: mitigation measures to Avoid, Minimize and Offset, continuously improving, etc.


Communicating to publicise and promote your projects

● Advice on eco-responsible and strategic communication.
● Social and environmental integration of projects (social acceptability and expanded governance).
● Organising and leading consultations.
● Writing strategic or sensitive reports.
● Organising in-house communication actions.


→ Aeronautics
→ Agri-food
→ Agriculture
→ Construction
→ Energy
→ Waste management
→ Infrastructure and Networks
→ Natural Environments
→ Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
→ Forestry
→ Transport


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