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Our expertise at work on wells

CVA contributes expertise and advice from design to execution, supporting drilling projects so as to optimise the efficiency, productivity and profitability of operations throughout the wells’ life cycle, and guaranteeing that your projects are run safely. We are also developing a full range of services, making our expertise available to our clients for the entirety of the project.


Providing expertise throughout the service life of drilling projects

● Engineering (drilling/completion, abandonments, workovers).
● Well abandonment.
● Site restoration, management of polluted sites.
● Operation audits.
● Call for Tenders preparation, selection of contractors.
● Well review.
● Feasibility studies, risk analysis.
● HSE.
● R&D studies.
● The Cl’hub: a group of experts dedicated to projects. A space open to ideas and alive with collective intelligence, where our people put their heads together to bring forth new concepts and initiatives.


Passing on knowledge and supporting

● Hotlines: support on engineering and drilling operations, fluids and cement.
● Well review by the Cl’hub, DWOP.
● Well management and abandonment.
● Technical and operation audits.
● Budget evaluations.
● Conversion of wells and sites.
● GHG emissions report.


The best profiles for your projects

● Operations and supervision.
● Well engineering.
● Fluids and cement.
● Well productivity.


Environmental management, and management of the risks linked to drilling

● Environmental assessment of the drilling work.
● Site preparations: HAZID/HAZOP, traffic plans, risk prevention plans, Bridging Document, etc.
● HSE audits of the facilities and equipment.
● HSE supervision: monitoring of personnel accreditations, safety induction, exercises, permit(s) to work, safety protocols, etc.
● Waste management: selection of onward streams, monitoring register, etc.
● Monitoring of HSE indicators.
● Incident/situation reporting system.
● Regulatory watch and administrative file creation.


→ Environment
→ Site studies / Development
→ Geothermal Energy
→ Natural Hydrogen
→ Mines and Quarries
→ Oil and Gas
→ Water Resources
→ Natural Risks
→ Underground Storage


Some of
our references

Management of drilling fluid operations on a Geothermal Energy project site

Solution applied
Mobilisation of a dedicated team of 4 mud engineers and a fully equipped mud lab.

Actions / Details
● Application of a mud programme.
● Proposal to optimise the mud formulations.
● Supply of a lubricant specially designed to reduce torque in the deviated phase.

Preparation of a campaign to drill oil wells in the Paris Basin

Solution applied
5 international consultants, drilling engineering experts, to provide technical assistance.

● Creating a suitable schedule for the wells.
● Optimising the drilling campaign.
● Supervising the operations (workover tasks).

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