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Combining our Wells and Environment expertise to run successful projects


Full drilling expertise for a state-of-the-art P&A

Well review and engineering: Review all the available well data and provide a subsurface and risk study to determine the well barrier strategy.
Well P&A programme: Prepare the programme, defining the plugging objectives and taking into account the contingencies and budget optimisation.
The CVA Wells Cl’Hub, a group of interconnected experts covering all well themes.

Comprehensive project management,
or “à la carte” services to shut all well types

CVA provides assistance on oil & gas wells, geothermal sites, underground storage, water and brine wells.
● P&A Engineering
● Project Management
● Well site clean-up (and remediation)
● Administrative follow-up
● Consultancy
● Budget planning

Project management
● Well contractor selection
● Operations supervision
● QHSE management
● P&A official paperwork

Administrative management
● Well abandonment regulations
● Full follow-up of administrative process
● Contacts with regulatory authorities

Guaranteeing compliance with regulations and preservation
of the environment over the long term

Permanently closing a well poses the major environmental challenge of ensuring that there are no pollution effects for future generations. Our approach prioritises regulatory compliance and respect for the environment, by:
● Fully preserving aquifers.
● Ensuring that no fluid rises to the surface.
● Restoring the wellsite to its original state.

Wellsite remediation
● Administrative follow-up and on-site supervision for:
● Soil and waters analysis pre-work.
● Waste management.
● Wellsite clean-up (and remediation).
● Management of contaminated sites
● Site restoration (back to its original use, soil/water remediation).

Operations supervision
● Environmental strategy counsel
● Well repurposing consultancy: Storage, Geothermal, Lithium.


Dominique Wlodarczyk

Dominique Wlodarczyk
With a Master’s degree in Environmental Management, and 20 years’ experience of HSE in the oil and gas industry, Dominique is a real aficionado of environmental and mining regulations. She worked for several years on decommissioning projects. Her interests also include researching a site’s documents and history, and identifying solutions that are consistent with the environmental constraints.

Daniel Vallat

Daniel Vallat
Following his training in geosciences, Daniel spent more than 30 years working in France and other countries, in oil and gas well service companies. Trained in well closure at the University of Aberdeen, he is interested in all the technical, economic and regulatory constraints that govern well abandonments.

Plus points


Combining our expertise for a comprehensive, customised offer complete with peer review.


Technical, scientific and regulatory expertise ensuring that projects are run according to industry standards.


Special attention to new, innovative solutions in order to execute the abandonment at minimal cost, or to devise well reconversion alternatives if possible.

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Attentive to your projects, to deliver a personalised, pertinent response.